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From the Beginning….

Sun Valley Potatoes was established in 1978 by August R. “Gus” Blase. Our current facility was constructed in 1988. A group of local growers bought out Gus Blase, and began doing business under the name Sun Valley Potatoes, Inc. on August 23 1998. Within the last two decades, Sun Valley Potatoes has made leaps and bounds in technology and overall production. For example, in the crop year  2003-2004, the shed marketed 55 million lbs of fresh packed potatoes. Twelve years later, during the crop year 2015-2016, SVP will market 280 million pounds of fresh potatoes. Renovations were done in 2010 to expand the building, creating a new loading dock area, a packaging storage area, and scale house. For the last five years, Sun Valley Potatoes has received close to 1.3 billion pounds of potatoes. We ship our potatoes to more than 1030 locations in 45 states and 5 Canadian provinces. Top sales destinations outside Idaho have been Florida, Texas, New York, Ohio, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Illinois. For the past 30 years, the availability of year round product has enabled Sun Valley Potatoes to deliver superior potatoes in the United States as well as the neighboring countries.


In Memory of Coy McKenzie


Coy McKenzie was the heart and soul of the mission of Sun Valley Potatoes. Coy began work at Sun Valley Potatoes the day it opened in 1973. He worked until his passing on May  25, 2001. Coy never missed a day  of work. Coy will always be a part of Sun valley Potatoes, Inc.

Sun Valley Potatoes

The SVP Brand

The Sun Valley Brand Idaho Potatoes has been in use since 1952, and originally featured the skier jumping over a pile of potatoes. The brand was first registered to Mueller Harris Produce Company. The brand was later owned by T. Kuwana and by Robert Weaver Potato Company, and finally transferred to A.R. “Gus” Blase.