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Why is Sun Valley Potatoes the best place to buy potatoes?

Sun Valley Potatoes is the only grower-owned potato cooperative in Southern Idaho. Formed in 1998, Sun Valley Potato Growers, Inc. is a cooperative of approximately 20 growers. the purpose of this cooperative is to allow potato growers to control and market their potatoes all the way from the field to the customer. The advantage to the customer is the grower takes pride in supplying you with high quality potatoes directly from the field all the way to your table.


What is a “Norkotah”potato?

The Russet Norkotah potato has been available out of Idaho for approximately 10 years. The Norkotah grows faster than the Burbank therefore, is available from Sun Valley Potatoes during the months of August and September. The Norkotah has allowed Sun Valley Potatoes to be a year-round supplier of Idaho Potatoes.


What is a “Russet Burbank” potato?

The Russet Burbank potato that Idaho has been shipping with the “Grown in Idaho” seal since the late 1800’s. The Burbank has superior cooking qualities that has made it America’s favorite potato. The Burbank is available from Sun Valley Potatoes from October through July of each year.


Are your products of Sun Valley Potatoes guaranteed?

Yes. The guarantee will always be upheld.


What kind of shipping methods does Sun Valley Potatoes use?

Individual boxes as well as other specialty items will be shipped by UPS or US Mail.