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A letter from our Chairman

As a friend of mine in Maine often says, “You boys in Idaho always seem to have a crop”.  In spite of drought and other weather challenges, we have all completed another successful harvest. There are definitely some weather-related quality issues with our crop, but yields in our area were fairly good.  The good news is that United of Idaho estimates the statewide yield to be down about 23 cwt./acre.  What this means to the fresh industry is that after you take out process usage and seed production, it is estimated that there will be about 30.5 million cwt. available for the fresh market.  Idaho typically ships 32 to 35 million annually.  Other competitive states’ production is in line with demand and should allow for a healthy market going forward.  I am really excited about the new storage and improvements that have been made to the facility in the past several months.

Randy Hardy- Chairman