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About Idaho Potatoes

The unique environment for growing potatoes here in the heart of Magic Valley, Idaho provides nearly perfect growing conditions. The soil, water, clean air, and climate here in the Magic Valley contribute to those consistently high quality potatoes that have made Idaho famous for years. Magic Valley’s rich volcanic soil is ideally suited for potatoes. Warm, sunny days, cool nights and the water from melting snow in nearby mountains make the perfect combination for growing the world’s best potatoes.The location of the growers in the Magic Valley means the mountains arise on both the north and the south sides. These scenic mountains collect snow all winter, which melts and flows crystal clear into large surface and underground reservoirs. That snow water is used to irrigate potatoes with irrigation systems that apply the right amount of water. Healthy plants are result of more than just good environmental conditions. They require healthy soil for optimum root and plant development. There is more to healthy soil than just dirt, water, and air. They also require a careful balance of numerous enzymes, microorganisms, nutrients, organic matter and pH. Together they create an optimum balance, which maximizes the nutritional value, flavor and appearance of good produce.

Our registered certification mark, the “Grown in Idaho” seal, is your assurance that you are getting the real thing.